Supervisor's Responsibilities

The supervisor will be responsible for completing the following:
a. Downloading and providing the potential intern with a copy of the Eligibility
    Form (DSP UP51c);
b. Downloading, completing and signing the JobBridge Standard Agreement Form
    and completing it in conjunction with the potential intern and mentor and
    submitting it to the National Coordinator;
c. Discussing and signing a Work Plan - including work related objectives - in
    conjunction with the intern at the start of the GAA/JobBridge Fís Scheme;
d. Submitting the Work Plan for review and approal to the designated mentor;
e. Keeping a record of the intern's attendance, punctuality, adherence to the
    JobBridge Standard Agreement and adherence the the Work Plan;
f. Submitting a JobBridge Monthly Compliance Report online at
g. Submitting a Completion Report online at at the end of the
h. Completing and submitting evaluation forms to the National Coordinator at the
    end of the Programme;
i. Communicating and liaising with the National Coordinator in relation to
   issues/problems arising.