Garda Vetting


Garda Vetting is but one part of the overall GAA recruitment and selection procedures for those who work on our behalf in areas of responsibility with children, young people and vulnerable adults, or who may at a later stage seek to work in such areas of responsibility.

All GAA vetting applications are processed with An Garda Síochána via the GAA National Children's Office in Croke Park in a confidential and secure manner. As part of the GAA/JobBridge scheme each vetting applicant is required to complete a vetting application form and to give the completed form to their supervisor or to their Club or County Children's Officer who will then forward this form to Croke Park.

Forms are processed by An Garda Síochána on our behalf and the GAA National Children's Office will, on the basis of any information received from An Garda Síochána contact each applicant individually and in confidence with the outcome of their vetting application. The information supplied by an applicant on their form is not shared with any other person or group unless we are directed to do so by the applicant themselves.

A GAA central database will retain all vetting application details. On an annual basis Clubs and County Boards are issues with a list of people whose vetting applications have been deemed acceptable. 

Please see below for copies of the Garda Vetting Application Form in English and as Gaeilge.

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