Categories of Internship

The GAA/JobBridge Fís Féidireacht Internship Scheme operates in two Project Areas: Games Development and Administration.
Games Development - Project Area:
Games Development Interns are involved in the following:
  1. Organisation of Games/Blitzes
  2. Organisation of Camps
  3. Talent Academy
  4. Club/School Link 
  5. Coach Education
  6. Referee Education
Administration - Project Area:
Depending upon the placement Administrative Interns are given various administrative tasks e.g.
  • Fixtures Programming/Notification;
  • Website updates;
  • Club Audits;
  • Marketing;
  • Promotion/Publicity.
Within each of the Project Areas the GAA has identified a number of categories of internship. The following categories of internship will operate from January 2013 onward:
Games Development - Categories of Internship:
1. Blitz/Coaching Coordinators
    Supervisor: Games Development Administrator (GDA)
    Mentor: County Games Development Manager (CGDM)
2. Urban Blitz/Coaching Coordinators
    Supervisor: Club/School Coaching Officer
    Mentor: GDA
3. Third Level Games Management Assistants
    Supervisor: College GDA
    Mentor: GDA
4. Games Management Assistants
    Supervisor: County Games Development Manager (CGDM)
    Mentor: Provincial Games Manager (PGM)
* The role of Supervisor/Mentor may be filled by a volunteer or GAA employee other than those listed above as approved by the GAA/JobBridge Steering Committee.
Adminstration - Categories of Internship:
At an administrative level placements with a department within Croke Park or with a Provincial Council or County Board will also be advertised.